International Retail Management Consultants.

About Us

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ybarra.familyOUR VISION:  To have competitively priced retail product(s) on the shelf when the customer is ready to buy. 

OUR MISSION: To inspire and nurture the retail spirit— one person, one process, and one experience at a time.

 Y Consulting, LLC is governed by its core values. They shape the culture and define the character of our company. They guide how we behave and make decisions.  More About Our Management Team 


 OUR CORE VALUES:           

Family:  We share the same beliefs and morals that help provide for family unity and social interaction.  

Drive: We are passionate at retail to help families invest, repair, and beautify their home.

Integrity: We are honest. We uphold confidentiality =100%.

People: We attract, develop, and retain the best talent to pursue retail perfection.

Global: We leverage the power of global insight, relationships, collaboration and learning to deliver exceptional service to retailers wherever they do business.

Accountability: We measure our performance and people by our retailers' success, not by our billable hours.

We consistently deliver results for our retailers by leveraging principles that are rare in the consulting world.

We are:

• Specialized - retail is our only business, with our "sweet spot" of Merchandise Optimization

• Practical - we design detailed, actionable recommendations

• Action-Oriented - we do not simply give power point presentations, we engage in the process of implementation

Faithfully yours,