International Retail Management Consultants.

Replenishment Optimization

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We help retailers assess and improve their replenishment and allocation processesReplenishment Optimization

Y Consulting, LLC has world-class replenishment experts. We help retailers assess and improve their replenishment and allocation processes, people and tools.  Knowing what to order from which supplier in the appropriate quantities and at the optimal cost . . . is our "sweet spot."  

We help retailers audit purchasing behavior to remove emotion and inspire buyers to think; ie. "ARE YOU IN IT TO WIN IT? 


We help answer questions, such as:


1.  How often should we replenish inventory out of a co-op warehouse (ie. Ace, True Value, Orgill, DoItBest, etc.)?

2.  When does it make sense to buy direct from the manufacturer (ie. Stanley-National, Hillman, etc.)?

3.  Does buying directly from China make sense for my business?  

We use proprietary analytical tools to help retailers quantify the financial benefits of using inventory management best practices.  Many retailers believe they only need to make substantial investments in new technologies to improve business performance, and that the technology they install should support - not alter - the way they have always worked. Invariably, these retailers are disappointed by poor returns on their technology investments. From our experience, the retailers with the greatest payback from technology are those that make fundamental changes to their business processes before installing new systems. Y Consulting, LLC has helped many retailers in making major operations improvements without new technologies by changing processes, practices and organizational structures.