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Inventory Management

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warehousingInventory Management

Inventory Management best practices have proven to be beneficial in helping retailers. Y Consulting LLC has been successful increasing sales, sales per sq. ft. and turns for the retailers reward. It has helped retailers stock the right amount of product at the right time, increasing customer satisfaction and adding gross profit dollars. 

1.  Out of stocks alone account for the average retailer to lose at least 15 - 20% in top line sales.

2.  33% of the retailers first time customers do not return if they have an “out-of-stock” experience.

3.  A weak stock position affects customer loyalty and word of mouth influences.

When consumers are engaged after a shopping experience, one the most compelling responses shared with Y Consulting, LLC is the disappointment and frustration related to a retailer being out of stock.

Y Consulting, LLC will help improve your store’s in-stock position to drive incremental sales to the bottom line and maintain customer loyalty. We will measure your current position, determine the root-cause issues, and put in place best practices to achieve an improved inventory management system.